Fashion styles and top trends

Here in this article, we are going to discuss all types of fashion styles. Though we are not fashion experts but made a lot of searches on the latest trends and fashion styles.  As we all know that we feel more powerful, confident and more capable and all of above happier when wearing our favorite clothes. Clothes that match the latest trends and fashion styles of society.

In today’s society, it not necessary to pick up only one style. There is a number of fashion styles available in a wide range, so choose the best style according to your daily needs. Here we are going to describe a number of different fashion style, so you can find which one is best for you as per the occasion.

How do I find my fashion styles?

If you have just started to develop some new trends in your styles, we can help you to go through this strategy and make yourself more fashionable. We suggest you some tips and tricks to get yourself in new trends and fashion style. We are not saying that you must have to change your whole wardrobe, just try it by your current wardrobe

  • Vintage fashion styles

Vintage fashion styles are about the old and classy clothing style. This uses the fashion and fabric of old heritage that come into existence in the history. People and fashion that comes and goes but the vintage fashion always stay in existence. Vintage fashion style never goes out of date. You must have some vintage style of clothing in your wardrobes such as skirts, capris, high boots etc.

  • Military fashion styles

This is one of other fashion style of clothing that one can adopt. In this style, palette and khaki are used to dress up and this is known as military or safari fashion style. This type of dressing is considered as the element of comfort and these are supposed to be more comfortable when paired with patch pockets and wide belts.

  • Hip Hop fashion styles

Hip hop fashion styles have become more popular from last few years and is specifically music genres fashion. The music lovers copy their favorite musician and singer’s hip hop style. However, hip hop style includes bomber jackets, chains, baseball jerseys, caps, jeans, accessories, etc.

  • Maternity fashion styles

Maternity fashion style are the clothing specially designed for the pregnant women. You just stop worrying about the looks, feeling unattractive and un-confident because of your body change and baby bump. Maternity cloth designs are specially made for moms-to-be or for the mom’s right after the delivery, so they should not feel bad.

  • Girly fashion styles

This Girly fashion style is all about the girl’s interest. Therefore, this fashion style is characterized by using the pink color clothing and accessories as well. Though is known as the stereotype girls’ fashion. It includes the dressing such as blouses, skirts, and dresses in cute bows and ruffles, laces, and flounces etc.

  • Sporty fashion styles

This is an easy to pick up style because it is all about the sports fashion style. If you are someone who loves morning walks or goes for gym daily, then this is specially made for you. Some popular sports brands like Addidas and Nike are in trend with pair of runners shoes of similar brands. The stuff is very comfortable and effortless.

  • Trendy fashion styles

This is the most important for fashion style lovers who want to be in trends. Most of the modern girls love to follow this style because they want to be trendy. In the modern fashion society, if anyone always gets up-to-date with fashion trends and modifies her wardrobe many times a year, is called trendy fashion girl.


In the end, I would like to say that fashion styles are the subjective things. It is not necessary to follow the other’s styles and fashions. You can create your own unique style and get in trend always.