What to think about shoe selection?

Selecting the right shoe depends on many things such as the quality of shoes, size, and comfort. Selection is not only the styles and fashion of the shoes but also about the size, quality and comfort. Literally, you just want to choose the combination of both comfort and fashion.

However, if you carry the style properly, you look good in any type of shoes. But keep in my mind; by choosing shoes as a fashion choice, you can buy something improper and uncomfortable.  In this article, we are going to discuss all the factors you should have to consider while shoe selection.

You face the following problems with improper shoes:

  • Damage the posture
  • Chronic back pain
  • Causes foot ulcer
  • Have ingrown toe-nails
  • Blisters/Calluses
  • Feel like Hammer’s toes

Therefore, following the shoes fashion and trends is great, but it should not be the only thing that has to be considered. You must have to think about the following main points before buying any footwear.

  1. Select the comfortable shoes – Shoe fashion

Your shoe can affect the whole body especially the walkability, which is the only thing you don’t want to bear. Therefore, it is very important to get the right size of the shoes.

We are not giving importance sometimes while choosing shoes or slippers. Your feet support the weight of entire body, so choosing the right shoe is critical to health. Therefore, you must wear comfortable shoes.

In case of any problem with your feet, you must consult with the orthopedist and wear the recommended orthopedic footwear. Wearing an uncomfortable shoe can cause many health problems such as bunions, calluses, spurs, and plantar fasciitis, etc.

These problems affect not only your feet but also your entire body’s health. Therefore, it is considered as most important to wear shoes that match the health standards and you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Checkout the shoes quality – Shoe fashion

While selecting new shoes, you must have to keep these points in your mind.

  • Material should be flexible
  • Doesn’t have any sign of damage
  • High quality manufacturing and workmanship

Quality shoe can improve the health and give comfort to your feet. The quality of shoe is usually described by the material that made shoes. Shoe made with leather material are considered as breathable and natural.

A good quality leather shoe absorbs the foot moisture, as your feet are whole day locked in shoe. It helps to eliminate the bad odors of your feet and will also help to get rid of bacteria, fungi and smelly feet.

Quality footwear will also help to save money, as these shoes last for a long time. You should keep them clean and protected. Avoid wearing same pair of shoes more than two days in a week, by doing so you will extend life of that footwear.

  1. Choose shoes according to your foot shape – Shoe fashion

Choosing the right shoes according to the foot shape is most important task. Foot shape indicates the different toe length and overall shape of feet among different people. While picking up the right shoes, firstly we must have to know about our foot shape.

Generally, there are three most common foot shapes;

  • Greek
  • Roman
  • Egyptian

People with Greek foot shape have second toe longer than the thumb and then size of the toes decreases in length. So the pointed or almond shape shoes are more suitable for them.

Roman foot shape people have the first three toes with equal length and rest two toes are shorter than those. So, for those people round shaped or square shaped shoes are best to choose.

Moreover, people with Egyptian foot shape have toes decreasing from the first one. The big toe is longer and other toes are decreasing in length one by one. For this kind of foot shape, pointed shoes are not suitable. Shoe with square, round or oblique shape are best for Egyptian foot shaped people.


Hope you will find the best guide for choosing quality shoes and learned about how to style them. As shoe selection is not an easy task, so this article will help you in this regard. However, shoes can be considered as the foundation of your outfit, so you need something more comfortable and fashionable as well