Loafers are versatile and ultra-modern footwear that can be paired with multiple outfits. Loafers are also known for their class and sophistication which can create a formal as well as a smart casual look. Moreover, these are the best addition to men’s wardrobe.

Define loafers?

Loafers are easy to wear and you don’t have to spend a lot of time tying the shoelaces or adjusting your feet in the correct position. However, this footwear is usually made up of suede and creates a classical look in your style. These shoes may vary in color, style, and material that range from formal to casual depending on the specific occasion. Generally, this footwear can be worn by men at casual events.

When you can wear loafers with suits?

Do you really know that you can wear loafers with suits as well? Are you confused about how to pair them with suits? Which special guidelines you must have to follow you before and after wearing loafers with suits? Well, it’s not a difficult task, as you don’t need to follow any specific rules and regulations. We know that fashion can make or break the rules every day, so you can wear a loafer with suits as well.

Additionally, there are many ways to pair up a loafer with other outfits also. Keep reading this article, so you will get better ideas in this regard.

Pairing outfits with loafers

Some people plan outfits by keeping footwear in their minds before going anywhere. If you are also among those people, then this article is especially for you. Let’s have a look.

Formal wear loafers

There are a number of ways available to style up the loafers. However, most people like to wear them in tailored suits. We have shared some ideas that may help you in pairing formal footwear with different types of outfits.

Full black outfits with loafers

Pairing loafer with the full black outfit is another way of style. This dynamic look of choosing the all-black outfit will make you unique. Moreover, you can pair them by wearing leather jackets; bombers, or biker jackets to complete your look. Additionally, wearing loafers matching them with belt and tie will create another unique look. And also make sure to wear a black sweater underneath your formal jacket.

Suits with suede loafers

To make your look different and unique among all, wear suede shoes pairing them with tailored blazers or a suit. Wearing a tie can be another option, as it will make your looks unique.  You can also wear a green suit with a crispy white button shirt or distressed blue down button shirt. At last, pair black or brown leather belt loafers and make a classy look.

Loafers with a blue suit

When it comes to the men’s suiting, blue is the most refreshing color. Therefore, wear a blue suit pairing them with a light blue button shirt and brown loafers. So this unique outfit will help you to stand out of the crowd and make a preppy look.

Casual wear loafers

Generally speaking, loafers are the most comfortable shoes for men. Especially, if you are looking for some casual look or aiming for a business, these footwears are the best option. Therefore, as a capsule wardrobe, we can use this footwear in multiple ways.

Jeans with loafers

Here you can make an interesting look by wearing jeans with slip-on loafers. The color combination also plays an important role in this regard, so that you must go with the neutral shades. Jeans are super-smart casual wears, therefore, do not ignore this look also as it will make a great stylish and trendy look.

Chinos with loafers

Chinos can be exceptional; these are easy to wear but also look semi-formal. However, you can match them with multiple tops and shoes. Moreover, you can go for a business casual look by wearing the pump or boat loafers pairing them with an unstructured blazer and chinos.


Furthermore, we can say that suits look more comfortable as well as dashing when pair their loafers. These are excellent and great choices for a formal and smart casual look. Therefore, you can easily wear them with outerwear and pants.

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