Shoe fashion trends and style guides

Trendy shoe fashion is all about confidence and if don’t know what you have to wear then this article will help you to choose the best style.

Your fashion taste and way to carry those styles reflect your personality. However, to look perfect, you just don’t have to compromise your comfort.

So you just have to keep it in your mind before picking up the shoe. Because shoes can affect the whole body, so shoe fashion not only affects your feet but also the whole body of the wearer. Therefore, besides the style and fashion, wrong shoes can ruin the posture and give a stiff back.

However, picking up the right pair of shoes is not only about the size but also about flexibility, materials, and styles of course. If you are in search of good pair of shoes, think about the comfort, shoe fashion trends, and styles as well.

In this article, you will learn about Women’s shoe fashion and style guides. With the help of this style guide, you will learn about which women’s shoes are best, how to choose them, and how to style them as well. So, let’s start it.

Different types of women’s shoe fashion

You can get confused while choosing the right pair of shoes, just because there are so many styles and choices. As the shoe fashion industry is growing rapidly, so fashion shoe designers have also come up with various styles and trends of shoes.

There are so many styles; however, we have divided them into different categories, so you can easily choose from them. Each category is further divided into different sub-categories of shoe fashion.

Let’s have look.

Types of shoes What includes in this type
Heel shoes The most popular shoe fashion type is a heeled shoe that includes kitten heels, pumps, stiletto, cone heels, and platforms.


Flat shoes Flat shoe  is casual footwear that includes flip-flops, ballerina flats, canvas shoes, and open-toe sandals.


Boots There are so many styles and shoe fashion in the category of boots, including knee-high shoes, gladiators boots, combat boots, thigh-high boots, ankle booties, and uggs, etc.


Loafers shoe This is the trendiest type of shoe fashion; you have so many choices to choose between pointed loafers, oxfords, flat loafers, and mules, etc.


Athletics/sneaker shoes This type of shoes is usually for casual or sportswear, including gym shoes, trainers shoes, with/without laces sneakers, with/without laces joggers, etc.


Mary Janes shoes These are the low-cut shoes, also available with or without heels.
Weather specific shoe Weather-specific shoes have a separate place in the shoe industry; these are specially designed for different climates like rain shoes, snow boots, and desert shoes, etc.


Espadrilles shoe Espadrilles shoe fashion is characterized by the flexible sole and cotton or canvas fabric, you can find out the wedge, regular, or platform espadrilles.


Top Brands for women’s Shoe fashion

Shoes have been considered the most important part of the women’s outfit. The right choice of shoes can make or break the overall look of the outfit. As the shoe  industry is growing and increasing too fast, so shoe brands are also increasing in number.

Just like so many women in the world, you are also feeling that you have fallen behind the latest fashion and top brands. No need to worry about it anymore, this article will cover all the new trends and innovations of shoe fashion brands. Let’s check out the top shoe brands listed below:

  • Manolo Blahnik
  • Jimmy Choo
  • Christian Louboutin
  • Salvatore Ferragamo
  • Alexander Mcqueen


In the end, we find out that Women’s shoe styling is an easy task if one chooses them wisely. You just need to know about which style and shoe fashion are suitable and comfortable, also which is according to your budget.