What is activewear clothing fashion?

Activewear clothing is specially designed for sports, outdoor activities, or exercise. Fashion is no longer bound by overdressing. Today’s world is encouraging more comfortable and relaxed dress than anything else.  Stylish activewear clothing is the best choice for both fitness and fashion as well.

For an active lifestyle, activewear is dressing that offers more comfort and style. That’s the reason activewear clothing has become everyone’s favorite. Nowadays, people wear, activewear clothes not only to play games or do exercise. However, they wear, activewear as a fashion statement in comfortable and quiet settings as it is comfortable, stylish, and versatile.

Which material is used in activewear clothing fashion?

Although activewear dresses were originally designed by keeping in mind sports and exercise. Today you can find almost any kind of dress in some form as activewear clothing. For example, if you are finding a ball gown of breathable fabrics or moisture-wicking materials, you can find the best matching as per your requirements. These activewear dresses players are usually wearing on the tennis court or the hiking tracks.

Moreover, if we further describe the activewear fashion, it may involve many versions. These are commonly associated with women’s activewear clothing.

However, activewear clothing also includes specially designed sportswear jackets and sweatpants to sweat in. You can wear them while staying around the house and also crew neck sweaters for winter days when going to the yoga studio.

Activewear clothing fashion trends

Activewear fashion is well placing in the race of fast fashion. Sportswear brands are participating with designers to get more market shares as compare to non-activewear clothing fashion. Moreover, activewear fashion has become more fashion-sensitive in terms of color variations and designs with an amazing fusion of fashion.

Moreover, some sportswear fashion trends are:

Sportswear trends have been attaching to many fashion brands and retailers. This may introduce various collections such as Bodysuits, bike shorts, space-age sneakers, and dresses crops.

Major markets for activewear clothing fashion

North America with the help of 38% shares in sportswear collection has been dominating the market. The growth of activewear sports dresses refers to the comfort of casual wear. That can be worn at work or during exercise. Two nations are playing a major role in the growth of sportswear – the USA and China. And both are passionate about health and fitness.

The USA is the top importer of sportswear following by Italy, Germany, Japan, and France. Whereas, China is the top exporter of activewear clothing and sports goods following by France, India, Italy, and Vietnam.

The factors that have led to this strong growth in these countries are active lifestyle, large millennial population, interest in sports, health, and welfare,  major sporting events.

Activewear clothing – sustainable

While we would like to tell you that all activewear is manufacture sustainably, the fact is that it is not just true. There are natural fabrics, including bamboo and merino wool, which they wear activewear clothing. But the majority, especially from big-name brands, are made from 100% artificial materials – especially, materials such as petrochemicals, or plastics, made of oil.


The activewear clothing brands are working with designers to make sportswear look a luxury. Customers are quickly adapting to fitness and calm. And therefore, it has become the main driver for brands that are looking forward to meeting their customer demand well.

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