Makeup types and their benefits in the fashion industry

Makeup types are the things that helps to enhance the beauty of a person. In the fashion industry, makeup is considered as the key factor. It helps to bring out the best in you and enhances natural beauty.

Makeup as a fashion has a long history in which cosmetics and makeup related products have played the most important role. At that time, makeup was not only women’s thing but also men participating in grooming themselves. Today most of the cosmetic products focus on the women only.

Moreover, there are many different types of makeup according to the skin type and skin tones. Due to new innovations and techniques in fashion industry, many new and different makeup products are developed. These products bring the flawless skin to younger as well as middle age people.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss the different types of makeup that highlight your personality.

Different makeup types in fashion

Water-based – Makeup types 

Water-based makeup is a composition of emulsifier that binds the water and oil together. It gives you a natural look with your natural features. Generally, it makes a person more convenient to wear it in family get-togethers or at casual parties with your friends.

However, it enhances the natural beauty and gives the medium coverage to your natural features.  The water-based makeup is generally divided into 3 forms:

  1. Polymer-based oil-free formula
  2. Clay-based oil-free formula
  3. Creamy formula

These liquid forms give the full coverage to your skin when applied. It stays long for hours if you wear it for casual party makeup. So, you can go with water-based makeup.

Natural – Makeup types

Natural makeup has become all the indignation in the recent years. People take more care of what they put on their face and body. They are studying labels, researching brands and learning about potentially harmful substances found in traditional makeup.

As a result, people are turning to natural makeup, such as lipstick colors from fruit cotton. It is also known as clean, green or non-toxic makeup.

Silicon-based – Makeup types 

The best silicone based makeup that smooth’s the skin. Absolute best silicon based foundations with blurred or semi-blurred finish for oily skin.

Silicone is a group of ingredients that can be found in makeup. Their slippery structure makes them perfect for products like foundations and their main purpose is to make the skin feel silky and smooth.

Airbrush – Makeup types

If you’ve some knowledge about the airbrush makeup, it uses compressed air to deliver makeup with gentle attention, even ending unlike any other makeup. It is so real in creating perfect skin look that it is the only choice for anyone in the industry.

Powder-based – Makeup types

Powder-based makeup is dry or almost dry. It is different from the stifled face powder as it holds the oxygen ingredients that help it stick to the skin. It also has more detention of rugs to hide flaws such as uneven skin and blemishes.

Bridal – Makeup types

Bridal makeup is an integral part of the wedding planning process and making the best design for your wedding day is my top priority. This is the best option for anyone who doesn’t usually make up too much or someone who wants to look extremely natural with beauty touch.

Matt Makeup types

Matt makeup is a type of fulfillment with no brightness, glow, or intensity, and matt foundation is perfect for people with a combination of oily skin. The matt lipstick is long-lasting and popular.

Minerals Makeup types

Mineral makeup is made with materials from our valuable land. The main elements are natural resources such as iron and zinc oxide, which are included in small, glowing particles for the use of our skin.

Since ancient times, minerals have been used for decoration and adornment themselves. A famous beauty, Cleopatra itself, is an important example, using kohl around the eyes to develop its basic shape. Since then, modern techniques have transformed mineral makeup into a truly miraculous creation.