What is fashion designing?

Fashion designing is an art of creation that involves a set of creative skills. It is all about the new ideas and creativity of clothing, footwear, and other fashion accessories. Fashion designing is a vast field influence by culture as well as society and this varies from culture to culture and time to time.

Modern fashion designing further divides into two major groups or categories; ready-to-wear and Haute Couture.  Haute couture is a collection that specifically designs it for certain customers. High-quality, more expensive, and even unusual fabric use with extreme attention, highly executable techniques, and expert sewers. The haute couture designers must have to introduce their collection twice a year to qualify the haute couture house of the fashion industry.

Whereas ready to wear collection is not custom or standard sizes are manufactured. So this collection is suitable for a larger number of people. Ready to wear collection is further split into two fashion designing categories; confection and designer collection.  Designer collections have high-quality fabric as well as unique designs.

So, let’s explore more about fashion designing and its types.

Types of fashion designing

We are going to learn about the most common types of fashion designing. In this article,  we are going to explain all the details in a very easy and simple way.

Fashion Designing is creating art pieces from basic to practical designs of clothing, shoes, and fashion accessories. Fashion design is something that holds charms for every trend and fashion lover. It involves the new creativity and designs of clothes and fashion accessories. These items reflect cultural and social influences.

Fashion designing is a general term, it is not for the specific fashion terms or items.

Table of content

1.         Haute Couture Fashion
2.         Luxury Fashion
3.         Ready-To-Wear Fashion
4.         Fast Fashion
5.         Economy Fashion

Haute Couture fashion designing

Haute couture is at the top of the fashion design hierarchy. It involves custom-fitted clothing and other fashion accessories, and also the creation of limited artwork as well. Haute couture is specifically for private clients in which clothes or other accessories. They have been made to order and started from the French culture of high dressmaking.

So the haute couture is usually hand-made masterpieces and it definitely takes a lot of time.  However, these masterpieces have been constructed by skilled fashion designing experts and their entire team. Perfecting pieces may require several goods and are usually made up of the best materials and expensive concepts. These pieces are usually a type of one that has a great focus on detail.

To qualify as an haute couture, fashion designers must be nominated by the French government. These instructions were established in 1945 and must be strictly followed, even the largest fashion houses.

Luxury fashion designing

However, luxury fashion creates fashion designs that bridge the gap between special, custom-made garments and large-scale, easy-to-use clothing. Luxury fashion designing includes high quality clothing articles that are not handmade but are not usually produce in large quantities.

While luxury fashion items are still not as expensive as haute couture items. Prices are so high that they make consumers feel like part of an elite market. Some steep prices have kept items out of the range of many average customers buying.

Ready-to-wear fashion designing

Unlike the specific nature of haute couture, the dress-ready fashion, also known as the pert-porter. This produces on a large-scale standard size. Clothing ready to wear is more accessible, available for large amounts of purchase by the public. With changes in size; more physical size can adjust than the hot-cost, which they design for the proportion of a unique individual.

Ready to wear Fashion designing focus on developing attractive dresses that appeal to current market trends of the season. Clothing ready to wear often has less turnaround time than hot texture. And designers need to work continuously to top the current fashion trends to release several collections per year.

Fast Fashion designing

The majority of apparel brand names that average users are familiar with are mostly fast fashion brands. Fast fashion designing consists of large-scale finished clothing with a very fast business.

These fashion designs usually jump into the fast pace of electricity from catwalk shows to retail hangers. Some of the most remarkable fast fashion houses can prepare. And store pieces within a few weeks of the impressive fashion show.

Economy Fashion designing

The fashion of the economy is at the bottom of the fashion designing rankings. This level of fashion is below faster fashion. With the ultimate aim of producing and sending only large-scale fabric stores in a very effective manner. However, most economic fashions are making producer profits. So the cheapest labor and usually uses the content.

It is the most appealing of both. If you have a solid budget. You have a big budget for buying new clothes.

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