Masterclasses about makeup, fashion, and beauty are specially designed for those who really don’t have any about them. There is no secret that creative industries are competitively ruthless. They have immense competitive pressure to be the best among all. However, when you are going to start a new setup, then this pressure goes huge.

Therefore, these masterclasses about makeup, fashion, and beauty are very helpful for those who want a new setup. It may be difficult because you don’t know where to start. There are so many well-known designers and experts offering online masterclasses on various subjects such as fashion, beauty, and makeup. So, you can get the initial education from these online classes.

Moreover, masterclasses offer exclusive subjects from the experts directly. 3 best masterclasses about makeup and beauty by famous experts and fashion designers are as follows:

  1. Fashion Design Class by Marc Jacobs
  2. Makeup and beauty Class by Bobby Brown
  3. Fashion Brand Class by Diane von Furstenber

What are masterclasses?

Masterclasses are considered as an ultimate source of learning where the entire tricks have been taught by expert designers. If want to learn fashion, makeup, and beauty as a hobby, then this is the right place where you can get the entire knowledge about this. Additionally, these courses will be more helpful if you want to become a professional designer or makeup artist. These initial classes are the introduction to fields that want to learn.

All of the masterclasses are being taught by famous experts. These well-known fashion designers include big names such as Marc Jacobs, Gordon Ramsey, Samuel L. Jackson, Diane von Furstenber, and Bobby Brown, etc.

All these masterclasses have a lesson in the form of a short and informative video clip, you can stream it on your mobile phones, laptops, or even on your TV. Some of the classes have audio versions as well.

Time duration and cost for the fashion, makeup, and beauty classes

Membership is required to access these masterclasses. Therefore, the membership cost is 15$ per year. Once you become a member of one class, you will have access to all the other classes that may available on this site. You don’t have to pay for each class separately.

Moreover, the cost of membership is being deducted from your account annually. Therefore, you will have access to all courses throughout the year.  Now, it’s up to you, whether you want to pursue only makeup and fashion classes or something else.

The time duration of each class varies by the distinct preferences. Each course consists of around about 20 video lessons where you can learn all the basics of this course. Moreover, the time duration of each lesson is approximately 10 minutes and it may also include workbook pages as well that help to get a deep knowledge.

  Masterclasses about makeup, fashion, and beauty

Now, you all are familiar with masterclasses and what courses they offer to their members. These classes provide you with all the best guidance about the makeup, beauty, and fashion industries. However, if you are a new learner, then this platform is more helpful as you can easily focus on one and best teacher at a time. Masterclasses offer many subject courses, but here in this article, we will only discuss makeup, fashion, and beauty.

3 best masterclasses about makeup, fashion, and beauty are being taught by:

  • Marc Jacobs an American Fashion Designer
  • Diane von Furstenberg is a fashion designer and Belgin-born model
  • Bobbi Brown is a cosmetic brand founder and professional makeup artist


As we have mentioned in our article, that masterclasses are the ultimate source of education. Here you can learn about all the topics of your interest and become experts as well.

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